Friday, October 14, 2005

He took the check over a young boy's life

Les at Spiderman's Web (via CTV) has exposed this sad story out of Toronto.
Courtroom spectators were left aghast Thursday by testimony from a man who says he did nothing to help as a six-year-old boy starved to death before his eyes.
James Mills' shocking admission came as he was testifying in the first-degree murder trial of his former landlords, Elva Bottineau and her husband Norman Kidman.

The man could have saved that boy's life. But what was his reaction?
Mills, then-boyfriend of one of Bottineau and Kidman's daughters, lived at the couple's home at the time. As a boarder in the house where young Jeffrey starved to death, he was one of the few people who could have done something to stop the fatal neglect.
By his own admission, Mills had plenty of opportunities to intervene -- when he witnessed Jeffrey begging fruitlessly for food and water, for example, or when the boy and his seven-year-old sister were locked in a filthy room for days at a time.
The stench emanating from the unheated room where Jeffrey was often holed up with his sister was overpowering, Mills said, recalling how the children were "surrounded by feces and urine," and "treated worse than a dog."
But, as Mills testified Thursday, despite the horror he witnessed he didn't want to meddle for fear of losing his free room and board.
"I'm watching out for my own ass," Mills said in an videotaped statement to police. "I have a life of my own. I don't need to be stuck in jail for 10 to 20 years over something I said that was wrong."

Les, in his inimitable fashion, takes the matter even farther.
Is that how little humanity can be purchased for? If he wants free room and board then I suggest a lengthy prison term for this human filth where he is identified to every inmate by name and act. The videotaped account actually states that he feared for his welfare check!
Well, well, well. That says just about all, doesn't it?
James Mills, ladies and gentlemen, is the perfect example of the dependency society which the left has built. He is so concerned with preserving his little sinecure that he won't act to save a child's life.
Les' suggestion is about 45 miles too kind for what I'm thinking right now.
Yeah. On an island in Hudson's Bay. For life if not longer.

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The characteristics of a troll

The cracked research team here at either orr has tackled a difficult topic... that of trolls.
You know the type, probably too well.
Anyway, the team, led by Dr. B. Reel of the Institute of Deep Thoughts and Discount Duodenum Surgery in Wapwallopen, Pa., has come up with several characteristics of the species trollus idiotus.
1. The common troll (trollus idiotus basicus) is prone to hyberbolic rants which often have very little to do with what is actually written and very much to do with that person's mindset.
2. The more complex (more evolved, as it were) attack troll (trollus idiotus attackus) generally presents a gratuitous personal attack, preferring to slam the author(s) of the opinion as a way to carry an argument. This tactic, of course, exposes the weakness of the attack troll's position.
3. Further along in the development of this species is the Tourette's troll (trollus idiotus cussus). This example often launches into foul-mouthed rampages, quite often wishing that ill befalls the author of the opinion. This provides great insight into the character of the troll in question.
4. The most highly evolved (?) troll is the stalking troll (trollus idiotus ultimus). In addition to the characteristics of its less-developed brethren, this troll often hosts his/her own blog site, an inordinate amount of which is dedicated to rants -- usually accompanied by snide remarks -- about specific individuals with whom they disagree.
The kingdom of trolldom, the team found, is disproportially leftist in thought, though a few examples have been discovered on the right. It holds an inherent belief in its own superiority and fitness to rule and takes personally any challenge to any idea that a troll may express, which shows an inherent weakness in their position or in their faith in that position. Anything and anyone that might challenge -- or worse yet, invalidate -- the worldview of a troll is stone evil and must be berated.
The team did also find some other creatures with troll-like tendencies, but who lacked the fundamental indecency and blind loyalty to concepts to be classified as trolls. The weakness, as it were, is a willingness to agree to disagree in a civil manner. This is anathema to trolldom, which requires an undying loyalty to an inflexible, rigourous dogmatic ideological template.
As Dr. B. Reel and the team conduct further research on this topic, it will be presented here.

This is a milestone post... the 300th of this blog's history. Thank you for allowing it to continue as long as it has.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Another week, another carnival

It's not in Kansas any more, Toto.
It's the Carnival of Comedy, edition 24.

...or two

And don't forget the Carnival of Satire, volume 4!

Trashy Toronto

Updated, moved to top. Contact info now included.
It's time to play hardball with the Liberals.
Do they really want a trashed-up Ontario?
If Michigan bans Ontario trash, all the available landfill space in this province would be filled within six months, a report obtained by the Toronto Star shows.
After that, garbage could wind up rotting on front lawns, piling up in parks and wreaking havoc on businesses, says the report by environmental consulting firm Gartner Lee.
The province received the report warning about the landfill shortage eight months ago. The environment minister has not responded yet and the report has not been made public.
As yet, the province has not taken any of the steps the report recommended to develop a contingency plan.

The possibility of banning Ontario (more specifically, Toronto) trash is a real one.
Fears of a border closing are growing. Last month the Michigan House of Representatives passed legislation that would allow the state to ban Canadian garbage with 90 days notice.
Before that can happen, the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate need to pass legislation giving states control over the flow of garbage. The U.S. House could vote as soon as Monday.

You see, Canada (more specifically, Toronto and the GTA) literally dump on the U.S. to the tune of 3.5 million tons of trash per year laid to rest in Michigan alone. Michigan is sick and tired of it... as it should be.
The Liberal government of Canada loves dealing with the Chinese. Let it deal with them on this issue.
Memo to the U.S. Congress: Pass the bill. Now. Contact your congressman via this form.
Memo to President Bush: Sign it ASAP. E-mail the White House at
Memo to Governor Granholm of Michigan: Get the 90-day notice ready. Contact her via this form.
Let's see what happens then.

Linked at Basil's Breakfast.

Originally posted 8:54 am Oct 12.

Who's polluting who?

Grammatical correctness may be absent from the headline there, but check this out from the Red Star:
U.S. better at fighting pollution, group says

OTTAWA — Environmentalists say the United States has done a better job limiting air pollution than Canada.
That despite a decade of Canadian government hype about taking the issue seriously.
The group Pollution Watch says the United States reduced its air pollution emissions by 45 per cent between 1995 and 2003 while Canada reduced its air pollution by 1.8 per cent.
It says Canadian government rhetoric on how industry and government are making the problem go away masks what it calls hollow promises.
Pollution Watch says increased air pollution has added to breathing and other health problems.
It also says the data shows just how inefficient Canadian industry has remained while U.S. competitors have adapted.

Let's see. From 1995 to 2003... the evil Republicans controlled Congress while Slick Willie was President from 1995 to 2001. From then on, it was evil George and the evil Republicans.
From 1995 to 2003 the Liberals controlled Canada.
Who's zoomin' who?

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

On border security

Regulars here have noted privately that I haven't blogged on U.S. border security.
It's hard to blog about something that doesn't exist.

Corruption, Liberal style, continues

Another Liberal scandal in the making...
Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty's Liberal government was dealt a devastating blow late Tuesday as Finance Minister Greg Sorbara resigned just hours after police raided his family's real estate development company as part of an ongoing criminal investigation into another company where Sorbara was formerly a director.
Sorbara, the premier's right-hand man, is the first cabinet minister in McGuinty's cabinet to resign. He has been under a cloud since police began investigating Royal Group Technologies in February 2004.
McGuinty said Sorbara agreed when this issue first came to light that he would step aside if he became the subject of an investigation.
"He's done the right thing under the circumstances," McGuinty said at a late evening news conference. "If he's cleared, he will be returned to cabinet."
Sorbara's resignation comes at a sensitive time for the government: the day before it delivers the throne speech heralding the start of its second mandate.
Sorbara said he stepped aside because of a search warrant that alleges he's the subject of an RCMP investigation.
"While I have no idea as to what the allegations are, or the facts on which they are based, my responsibility as a minister is to step aside pending a determination of the matters alleged in the warrant," Sorbara said following his resignation.
McGuinty said he won't allow the situation to derail his Liberal government's agenda.
"It's something that we will quickly overcome," he said. "I will allow nothing to get in the way of our determination to make progress on behalf of the people of Ontario."
Earlier Tuesday, the RCMP executed four search warrants on offices of the Sorbara Group in search of information relating to an ongoing investigation into Royal Group Technologies, a plastics maker.

Sorbara had previously been a director at both companies.
Well, well, well... if it's corruption you want, the Liberal Party delivers for... well, itself.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Corruption report du jour

It's time for Corruption Today, a look at the latest in how your Canadian Liberal government is stealing your money...
We look at a contract that the Liberal government demanded leave no paper trail...
OTTAWA (CP) - Federal officials are under fire for a $132,000 contract signed with an outside consultant that specifies the firm must leave no paper trail in government offices.
The deal Indian and Northern Affairs Canada signed with Ottawa-based Totem Hill Inc. explicitly states that "presentations shall be oral with supporting material provided to aid comprehension but not retained by the department."
The February 2005 contract ensures there are no documents in office filing cabinets that auditors can later verify and citizens can consult through requests under the Access to Information Act.

This is nothing new for the Liberals...
In her scathing February 2004 report on sponsorship activities, Auditor General Sheila Fraser uncovered five contracts the Finance Department had signed with Earnscliffe Strategy Group to provide secret "verbal" briefings and no written work.
The reports, from 1999 to 2002, included research into bank mergers and into Canada's response to the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.
At the time,
prime minister Paul Martin was finance minister and Earnscliffe was a favoured consulting firm staffed by Martin loyalists.
In an earlier 2002 investigation into the sponsorship scandal, Fraser also uncovered "verbal advice" arrangements with Groupaction, a Montreal-based communication agency that was paid $1.6 million.
And no one has ever found any copies of a Groupaction report for which the government paid $550,000.

For the latest in inventive ways to steal you blind, stick with the Liberals.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Instant Pundit interviews either orr

Imagine my surprise.
The evil Instant Pundit has decided to usurp Basil's decision to revive The Blog Interviews. Worse yet, the King of Puppy Blenders has decided to start with either orr.
Here's the transcript...
Me: "Hello."
IP: "Are either and orr there?"
Me: "I'm here."
IP: "No, either and orr are two people."
Me: "I should know. I'm only one person."
IP: "No matter. Either, why did you guys start a blog?"
Me: "Well, some of my friends in Canuckistan liked the comments I was making and encouraged me."
IP: "Orr, how about you?"
(At this point, I decide to play along with the Idiot Pundit and change my voice so to drive him nuts, which should not be a far trip.)
Me: "I did it for the chicks."
IP: "You guys seem to have a pretty wide range of topics. Why don't you stick to just linking to millions of blogs like me?"
Me (as either): "Well, I'm a pretty eclectic sort of person."
IP: "What do you mean, eclectic?"
Me (as either): "I don't specialize in any one thing, like just linking to millions of blogs and hoping somebody visits."
IP: "Orr, what about you?"
Me (as orr): "I believe in earning my traffic through well-written observations on the world condition and not blending puppies."
IP: "You guys are from Pennsylvania, right?"
Me (as either): "Yeah."
IP: "Is Lynn Swann going to be elected governor next year?"
Me (as either): "We can only hope."
Me (switching to orr): "Are you going to be certified for puppy blending?"
IP: "What's the price of gasoline down there?"
Me (as either): "Too expensive."
Me (switching to orr): "Not as much as the fines for puppy blending. Wait 'till the Amish get a hold of you."
IP: "Have you ever pursued train-spotting as a hobby?"
Me (as orr): "No. There are no trains going through here. Just puppies. Stop by."
Me (switching to Jasper, my wonder barker): "Rrrruff! Rrruff!"
Me (back to either): "We have dogs, Mr. Puppy Blender. Be very afraid."
IP: "Have you ever taken a cruise?"
Me (as either): "Actually, yes. It was delightful. I'd do it again."
IP: "Would you travel on my new cruise line?"
Me (as orr): "Only if you're in the blender."
IP: "What about you, either?"
Me (as either): "I agree with him."
IP: "Will you ever link to my Web page?"
Me (as either): "When hell freezes over."
IP: "Orr, do you think you can get him to change his mind?"
Me (as orr): "When hell freezes over is about right."
IP: "How do you expect me to rule the world if you won't cooperate with a little linky?"
Me (as either): "Oh my God, orr, it's Liberal Rubbish!"
Me (as orr): "Goodbye, Puppy Blending Monster!"
I doubt you'll see this posted at Instant Pundit's site.
But the truth must be heard.

/satire off

Linked at Lunch at Basil's Blog.

In really, really, really important news...

Penn State 17, Ohio State 10.
(If I didn't blog this, my better half, who bleeds Blue and White, would have my head.)

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Up for an honour

either orr, the blog, has been nominated for a Small Dead Blogs award.
It's quite an honour.
If you're so inclined, go over and vote.
And remember, Liberal, Kansas, needs our help.