Friday, October 14, 2005

He took the check over a young boy's life

Les at Spiderman's Web (via CTV) has exposed this sad story out of Toronto.
Courtroom spectators were left aghast Thursday by testimony from a man who says he did nothing to help as a six-year-old boy starved to death before his eyes.
James Mills' shocking admission came as he was testifying in the first-degree murder trial of his former landlords, Elva Bottineau and her husband Norman Kidman.

The man could have saved that boy's life. But what was his reaction?
Mills, then-boyfriend of one of Bottineau and Kidman's daughters, lived at the couple's home at the time. As a boarder in the house where young Jeffrey starved to death, he was one of the few people who could have done something to stop the fatal neglect.
By his own admission, Mills had plenty of opportunities to intervene -- when he witnessed Jeffrey begging fruitlessly for food and water, for example, or when the boy and his seven-year-old sister were locked in a filthy room for days at a time.
The stench emanating from the unheated room where Jeffrey was often holed up with his sister was overpowering, Mills said, recalling how the children were "surrounded by feces and urine," and "treated worse than a dog."
But, as Mills testified Thursday, despite the horror he witnessed he didn't want to meddle for fear of losing his free room and board.
"I'm watching out for my own ass," Mills said in an videotaped statement to police. "I have a life of my own. I don't need to be stuck in jail for 10 to 20 years over something I said that was wrong."

Les, in his inimitable fashion, takes the matter even farther.
Is that how little humanity can be purchased for? If he wants free room and board then I suggest a lengthy prison term for this human filth where he is identified to every inmate by name and act. The videotaped account actually states that he feared for his welfare check!
Well, well, well. That says just about all, doesn't it?
James Mills, ladies and gentlemen, is the perfect example of the dependency society which the left has built. He is so concerned with preserving his little sinecure that he won't act to save a child's life.
Les' suggestion is about 45 miles too kind for what I'm thinking right now.
Yeah. On an island in Hudson's Bay. For life if not longer.

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