Monday, October 10, 2005

Instant Pundit interviews either orr

Imagine my surprise.
The evil Instant Pundit has decided to usurp Basil's decision to revive The Blog Interviews. Worse yet, the King of Puppy Blenders has decided to start with either orr.
Here's the transcript...
Me: "Hello."
IP: "Are either and orr there?"
Me: "I'm here."
IP: "No, either and orr are two people."
Me: "I should know. I'm only one person."
IP: "No matter. Either, why did you guys start a blog?"
Me: "Well, some of my friends in Canuckistan liked the comments I was making and encouraged me."
IP: "Orr, how about you?"
(At this point, I decide to play along with the Idiot Pundit and change my voice so to drive him nuts, which should not be a far trip.)
Me: "I did it for the chicks."
IP: "You guys seem to have a pretty wide range of topics. Why don't you stick to just linking to millions of blogs like me?"
Me (as either): "Well, I'm a pretty eclectic sort of person."
IP: "What do you mean, eclectic?"
Me (as either): "I don't specialize in any one thing, like just linking to millions of blogs and hoping somebody visits."
IP: "Orr, what about you?"
Me (as orr): "I believe in earning my traffic through well-written observations on the world condition and not blending puppies."
IP: "You guys are from Pennsylvania, right?"
Me (as either): "Yeah."
IP: "Is Lynn Swann going to be elected governor next year?"
Me (as either): "We can only hope."
Me (switching to orr): "Are you going to be certified for puppy blending?"
IP: "What's the price of gasoline down there?"
Me (as either): "Too expensive."
Me (switching to orr): "Not as much as the fines for puppy blending. Wait 'till the Amish get a hold of you."
IP: "Have you ever pursued train-spotting as a hobby?"
Me (as orr): "No. There are no trains going through here. Just puppies. Stop by."
Me (switching to Jasper, my wonder barker): "Rrrruff! Rrruff!"
Me (back to either): "We have dogs, Mr. Puppy Blender. Be very afraid."
IP: "Have you ever taken a cruise?"
Me (as either): "Actually, yes. It was delightful. I'd do it again."
IP: "Would you travel on my new cruise line?"
Me (as orr): "Only if you're in the blender."
IP: "What about you, either?"
Me (as either): "I agree with him."
IP: "Will you ever link to my Web page?"
Me (as either): "When hell freezes over."
IP: "Orr, do you think you can get him to change his mind?"
Me (as orr): "When hell freezes over is about right."
IP: "How do you expect me to rule the world if you won't cooperate with a little linky?"
Me (as either): "Oh my God, orr, it's Liberal Rubbish!"
Me (as orr): "Goodbye, Puppy Blending Monster!"
I doubt you'll see this posted at Instant Pundit's site.
But the truth must be heard.

/satire off

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