Thursday, October 06, 2005

Liberal, Kansas needs our help

There's an American town that desperately -- repeat, desperately -- needs our help.
It's not a big town, so you won't hear about it in the MSM.
Liberal, Kansas, needs our help.
Specifically, it needs a new name.
"What Teddy Kennedy, Cindy Sheehan, Barbra Streisand and them folks have done to the good name of Liberal is just criminal," said one disgruntled resident. "The worst part is, we can't take back the name of Liberal.
"They have so fouled it with their antics that most of us just can't even say the name of our town. We just tell people we're from Bob Dole's hometown. Yeah, Arlen Specter's from here, too, but most people are going to connect him with Philadelphia, which is a somewhat disgusting thought, come to think of it."
So Liberal, Kansas, needs a new name.
Let's explore a few possibilities.
You could name it after Bob Dole... Bobtown or Dole City.
You could call it Border City, because it is on the border with Oklahoma.
So, come on, friends and readers, let's help the good people of the town that doesn't want to be called Liberal, Kansas, any more. Put your thinking caps on (make sure there's no tin foil in 'em first) and get to work. Leave your suggestions in the comments section and from there, we'll take a vote and offer our winning suggestion to the good folks out there.
Help Liberal find a new name.