Friday, October 07, 2005

Re-grooving redux

After a hiatus, it's time to re-groove again.
James Durney. The Chittenango, N.Y., man sent an imposter to take a paternity test. He got caught. "He didn't feel like paying child support, is what the problem was," state police Investigator Mark Nell said. Re-groove. Immediately.
Al Gore. The former Vice President for Attending Funerals while Bill Clinton Was Being Serviced in the White House, Inflating His Credentials, and Fundraising at Buddhist Temples says our democracy "is in grave danger." (see Angry for more details). He claims it's because of the "strangeness" of our public discourse. Yeah, Al, it's strange, because you just don't get it that what few ideas your side has have been discredited and are being ignored. You can't stand being ignored. To the re-grooveyard with you. While you're at it, take Maurice Strong with you, since the Godfather of Environmental Totalitarianism gave you $100,000.
Joe Volpe. Canada's Immigration Minister gave convicted felon and domestic doyenne Martha Stewart a special permit to enter the country to film a segment of her TV show. What did it cost her, Joe? I know what it will cost you -- a trip to re-grooving.
Wow. That was hard work. Enough for this trip.
But remember: Liberal, Kansas, needs our help.