Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Corruption report du jour

It's time for Corruption Today, a look at the latest in how your Canadian Liberal government is stealing your money...
We look at a contract that the Liberal government demanded leave no paper trail...
OTTAWA (CP) - Federal officials are under fire for a $132,000 contract signed with an outside consultant that specifies the firm must leave no paper trail in government offices.
The deal Indian and Northern Affairs Canada signed with Ottawa-based Totem Hill Inc. explicitly states that "presentations shall be oral with supporting material provided to aid comprehension but not retained by the department."
The February 2005 contract ensures there are no documents in office filing cabinets that auditors can later verify and citizens can consult through requests under the Access to Information Act.

This is nothing new for the Liberals...
In her scathing February 2004 report on sponsorship activities, Auditor General Sheila Fraser uncovered five contracts the Finance Department had signed with Earnscliffe Strategy Group to provide secret "verbal" briefings and no written work.
The reports, from 1999 to 2002, included research into bank mergers and into Canada's response to the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.
At the time,
prime minister Paul Martin was finance minister and Earnscliffe was a favoured consulting firm staffed by Martin loyalists.
In an earlier 2002 investigation into the sponsorship scandal, Fraser also uncovered "verbal advice" arrangements with Groupaction, a Montreal-based communication agency that was paid $1.6 million.
And no one has ever found any copies of a Groupaction report for which the government paid $550,000.

For the latest in inventive ways to steal you blind, stick with the Liberals.