Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Corruption, Liberal style, continues

Another Liberal scandal in the making...
Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty's Liberal government was dealt a devastating blow late Tuesday as Finance Minister Greg Sorbara resigned just hours after police raided his family's real estate development company as part of an ongoing criminal investigation into another company where Sorbara was formerly a director.
Sorbara, the premier's right-hand man, is the first cabinet minister in McGuinty's cabinet to resign. He has been under a cloud since police began investigating Royal Group Technologies in February 2004.
McGuinty said Sorbara agreed when this issue first came to light that he would step aside if he became the subject of an investigation.
"He's done the right thing under the circumstances," McGuinty said at a late evening news conference. "If he's cleared, he will be returned to cabinet."
Sorbara's resignation comes at a sensitive time for the government: the day before it delivers the throne speech heralding the start of its second mandate.
Sorbara said he stepped aside because of a search warrant that alleges he's the subject of an RCMP investigation.
"While I have no idea as to what the allegations are, or the facts on which they are based, my responsibility as a minister is to step aside pending a determination of the matters alleged in the warrant," Sorbara said following his resignation.
McGuinty said he won't allow the situation to derail his Liberal government's agenda.
"It's something that we will quickly overcome," he said. "I will allow nothing to get in the way of our determination to make progress on behalf of the people of Ontario."
Earlier Tuesday, the RCMP executed four search warrants on offices of the Sorbara Group in search of information relating to an ongoing investigation into Royal Group Technologies, a plastics maker.

Sorbara had previously been a director at both companies.
Well, well, well... if it's corruption you want, the Liberal Party delivers for... well, itself.