Thursday, October 13, 2005

Trashy Toronto

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It's time to play hardball with the Liberals.
Do they really want a trashed-up Ontario?
If Michigan bans Ontario trash, all the available landfill space in this province would be filled within six months, a report obtained by the Toronto Star shows.
After that, garbage could wind up rotting on front lawns, piling up in parks and wreaking havoc on businesses, says the report by environmental consulting firm Gartner Lee.
The province received the report warning about the landfill shortage eight months ago. The environment minister has not responded yet and the report has not been made public.
As yet, the province has not taken any of the steps the report recommended to develop a contingency plan.

The possibility of banning Ontario (more specifically, Toronto) trash is a real one.
Fears of a border closing are growing. Last month the Michigan House of Representatives passed legislation that would allow the state to ban Canadian garbage with 90 days notice.
Before that can happen, the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate need to pass legislation giving states control over the flow of garbage. The U.S. House could vote as soon as Monday.

You see, Canada (more specifically, Toronto and the GTA) literally dump on the U.S. to the tune of 3.5 million tons of trash per year laid to rest in Michigan alone. Michigan is sick and tired of it... as it should be.
The Liberal government of Canada loves dealing with the Chinese. Let it deal with them on this issue.
Memo to the U.S. Congress: Pass the bill. Now. Contact your congressman via this form.
Memo to President Bush: Sign it ASAP. E-mail the White House at
Memo to Governor Granholm of Michigan: Get the 90-day notice ready. Contact her via this form.
Let's see what happens then.

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