Friday, October 21, 2005

Wilma update

Jim Cantore is in Key Largo.
Looking for Bogey and Bacall, no doubt.

Regroove this

One item to be returned for re-grooving this week:
Harriet Miers' nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court.
Say no more.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

One of the things I missed...

... during the NHL lockout last season was my Thursday night routine.
See, Thursday night is my usual night off.
So, after tending to homework, etc., etc., I would sit down at the computer and enjoy a variety of broadcasts via NHL Radio online.
As I type this, Peter Maher -- one of the best -- is calling the Flames-Oilers matchup.
The Flames have just won (sorry, Les).
I missed that stuff. I'm glad it's back.

Carnivals up

Laurence has this week's Carnival of Comedy, which is not, despite his blog's title, not full of crap.
Also, Mark's Carnival of Satire is five today.

The alien of the blogosphere

A filthy lie assignment
Dear friends, Chris Muir, as talented as he is, has got it all mixed up.
Glenn Reynolds is truly the alien.
Consider the facts:
How can one person sort out thousands upon thousands of blogs each and every single day without some extraordinary powers, then unerringly provide links to many, many blogs?
It can't be done.
Then, you might ask, who is the human in Glenn Reynolds' house?
It is an unemployed anchorman whose fake, but accurate reporting cost him his gig.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Maybe it's time to ignore Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is trying to turn the protests against its abortion industry to its financial benefit.

Hat tip: 80 below via Candace.

Bullets post

A bunch of quick hits today...

* Deer season is still more than a month away. Hurry up, I say. Each of the last three nights, while on my way home, I had to do some fancy maneuvering to avoid striking Bambis wandering into the roadway... in areas that aren't very rural at all.
* Hurricane Wilma's coming. Fred must have really ticked her off, eh?
* How is it that, in an Olympic year, the Flyers have a whole week between games this early in the season?
* NFL games these days take too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too long. And most are too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too boring.
* This is a cheap way to get a post while you're working on a horde of other things.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Al-Qaeda's new strategy

A precision guided humour assignment
Al-Qaeda's letter indicates that the heroes of Islamoterrorists everywhere are in some difficulty.
Ayman al-Zawahiri and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi have committed some serious strategic blunders, especially in ticking off the Shiites of Iran, who have already indicated their willingness to nuke Al-Qaeda to the pre-Stone Age (since they are Stone Age types themselves).
As a result, chief terror God and financier Osama Loonie Bin Laden has decided to award both of these fine terrorists their 72 virgins and place the operation in the hands of two new leaders.
The cracked research team here has not only already learned the identities of these men, but we have also intercepted their first communications, which took place in a chat room at the Turkish Baths in Damascus (why they didn't call them Syrian baths is a mystery for another post).
Muhammad Al-Qapon: What we need, Allah be praised should he grant our wish, is a victory.
Mustafa Al-Qatraz: Yes, damn the infidels, we have lost too many to the great hereafter, where they are enjoying their rewards, without the success Allah has promised his faithful believers.
Al-Qapon: We must have a conquest, Allah be praised, where it is clear that we have the forces of all of Islam with us, yet not have to waste too many of our devoted soldiers so they can live to fight the infidels another day.
Al-Qatraz: Is it time, o brother in the Quran, for us to adjust our sights and take our jihad to another territory?
Al-Qapon: Allah be praised! I think you have spoken with the wisdom of the ages. We must find a territory where the infidels are weak and unlikely to offer significant resistance.
Al-Qatraz: Allah indeed! All glory! But let us think of where we can conquer without great losses to our cause. We have had trouble with our recruiting, prayers to Allah that we can reverse that trend, and many great battles lie ahead.
Al-Qapon: Through Allah, I believe I have two choices for us to consider.
Al-Qatraz: Praise Allah in all his glory! Where, o brother of Islam, might these be?
Al-Qapon: One, Allah guide us, would be more difficult. It would require great travel, but would strike very close to the infidels in the United States. One option would be Canada.
Al-Qatraz: They are, glory to Allah in the highest, rather weak and quite prone to dhimmitude. But, brother, it may be too close to the Great Satan.
Al-Qapon: I have considered that, colleague in the Qu'ran, which is why I presented it to you first. I believe that it is our second option.
Al-Qatraz: What, brother, is our first option?
Al-Qapon: Allah be praised, our scourges must be delivered upon France.
Al-Qatraz: France, devoted son of Muhammad?
Al-Qapon: Yes, France. It is weak, caught up in its debauchery and its fondness for wine. It is filled with dhimmis who would gladly surrender before the swords of Allah carve them into pieces. It is also a land that few infidels would come to join in the battle on their behalf. They are weak, they are alone. What better combination for success, Allah bless our mission!

How criminal to be a conservative

Via Ron's buddy Bob at Sweet Spirits of Ammonia: Will Conservatism Soon Be Illegal?
Follow the links in Bob's post.
This is what the likes of Eugene, Harold, MWW, Robert McC., etc. have in mind for conservatives.
They are the thought police!

They don't like us

Michael Barone has nailed a major factor in the disconnect between the left and the rest of us. Read Spurning America and understand what it's about.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Wow! A Toronto Star writer gets it right!

It's snowing in Hell right now.
A writer for the notorious Toronto Red Star has tackled a Toronto proposal to create "supervised injection sites or inhalation rooms'' in Toronto and finds it, at best, farcical. Here's what Rosie DiManno had to say on the subject.
So let me get this straight: I can't smoke cigarettes in Toronto but I can smoke crack?
The former is a public health risk, nipped in the butt at nearly every indoor venue, with bossy and vilifying interdiction campaigns that have transformed smokers into social pariahs. But the latter is a personal choice that ought not to be stigmatized by a judgmental society.
I am not making this up. I am merely taking to their presumptive conclusions some of the recommendations advanced in a drug strategy scheme unveiled at city hall on Friday.

Has that whetted your interest?
Toronto, Crackhead Capital of the Western Hemisphere?
Is Canada really hellbent on becoming the drug capital of North America? After all, you now have your junkie zones out in Vancouver, complete with addicts crapping in the streets (I'm not making that up!).
DiManno has had her epiphany on the road to Damascus... as she explains:
There was a time when I believed that decriminalizing all drug use was the wisest approach — treating abuse as a health issue, not a matter for law enforcement. But I was taken aback, on my last trip to Amsterdam — where soft drugs are legal, marijuana and hash for sale in drug cafés — at how very stupid much of the mellowed-out adult populace had become, so sluggish, slack, slothful. The potency of these "soft drugs'' has increased dramatically, as laced as they are with THC...
Further, despite assurances that this wouldn't occur, the use of hard drugs in Amsterdam has skyrocketed, the city crawling with wasted junkies.
There are compelling social reasons, I now concede, for rejecting the whole premise of legalizing drugs as the lesser of two evils.

She then takes to task the task force's observations:
It is troubling that the drug advisory committee pays minimal attention to that drug-perpetuated violence in Toronto, especially after the lethal summer we've just been through. Or frames it within the context of how neighbourhoods could be made safer if some of this activity was more properly supervised — yes, even in a smoke-up drop-in environment, envisioned as a one-stop shopping emporium where addicts could also obtain clean needles and condoms and counselling, provided that counselling was non-invasive and moral-neutral.
And a final shot, with a sizable cannon, at the PC panel:
It's the tone of the thing that I find most objectionable — the de facto premise that our society has no right to project any judgmental values because, if you follow this logic, it's this very disapproval that prevents addicts from straightening out.
I would think it's the other way around. Making it easier to obtain and use crack, for instance (which, unlike heroin, doesn't involve the shared use of flesh-piercing implements that spread HIV and Hepatitis C), would not discourage such ruinous drug use. Rather, the message would seem to be that we, as a community, are prepared to facilitate your drug problem.
It's perfectly reasonable for any society to express its opprobrium for a drug scourge that makes victims of us all, be it the destruction of residential neighbourhoods or by wayward bullets that strike children.
And it's hypocritical to say that public revulsion is counter-effective in stigmatizing drug abuse when these are the very same people — check the public health authorities involved in preparing the report — who sanctioned such bullying tactics against smokers, and who claim their campaign has been marvellously effective.
Sorry, you can't have it both ways.

Rosie, congratulations. You nailed it. Well done.
Expect to be drummed out of the Politically Correct Alliance any day now. Hell, they might even take away your right to vote Liberal or NDP for this.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

In really, really, really sad news...

Michigan 27, Penn State 25.
The household is very bummed.