Friday, October 13, 2006


* It's always a little more stunning, it seems, when an active athlete dies suddenly, as was the case with baseball player Cory Lidle the other day. These, after all, are people whose bodies have to be in tip-top condition, because that's how they make their (rather choice) living. But it's every bit as stunning when a young life is snuffed out, as happened to a young man who attended the same high school as my kids. He died in a car crash on the way to school Thursday morning. They're the folks we don't expect to see passing. It's a reminder that you just never know when (that said by someone who has more years behind him than ahead of him, in all likelihood).
* North Korea conducts nuke tests. I'd like to test a nuke right on that whackjob Kim's head. Better yet, I'd like to have someone implant a small thermonuclear device inside his rectum and then, at a safe distance, detonate it. If that succeeds, we can then conduct similar implants on Ahmahdenijihad in Iran.
* Am I one of the few who remember the gay Democratic congressman who actually slept with a Congressional page and wound up getting a committee chairmanship? Talk about your bleeping double standards.