Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Contradiction No. 684

This will be part of an occasional series of observations on the left...
We pretty much can agree that the left worships at the altar of government. The government is the big, beneficial parent to the leftoids.
Then why are the strongest unions in the US of A right now unions of government employees?
Could it be that the government isn't as beneficial as the left thinks?

A simple idea

What our diplomatic types need to be saying to Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Russia, etc...:
Two words: Persian Empire.
Certainly, the Turks, Saudis and Egyptians don't want to be consumed by Teheran. And you can bet your last greenback that the Russians don't want a Persian empire on their doorsteppes, dominating their buffer states.

Monday, August 14, 2006

EON Headline News

It's time for the Either Orr Network Headline News...

Ceasefire in the Middle East
Well, we've had more ceasefires than Liz Taylor has had weddings. And the ceasefires usually last as long as a Taylor marriage. So...

Terror plot foiled
Sources indicate that the al-Qaeda-linked terrorists were emboldened by empty suit Ned Lamont's win over Sen. Joe Lieberman in the Connecticut Cut-and-Run Party primary. Fortunately, the Brits were onto it and acted quickly.

Preseason NFL play begins
You pay full regular season prices to see the stars play a quarter or two at most, and most of the game played by guys who will never wear an NFL uniform in a regular-season game. Disgusting.

Why is it...
I heard a poll last week on Hannity, indicating that 56 percent of Democrats don't think the U.S. of A. should be allied with Israel. For years, Pat Buchanan has been saying that and has been labelled "anti-Semitic" as a result. Why isn't that label being applied to the Cut-and-Run Party?

The inconvenient truth is...
That Al Gore doesn't practice what he preaches. Are you surprised? Really?

A question answered
If you've ever wondered, as I have, why the left seems enamored of the Islamofascist movement, read David Horowitz's book "Unholy Alliance." What do the left and the Islamofascists have in common? Both hate the U.S. of A.

Later on.