Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Ken Blackwell for VP

The focus, of course, is on the top of the ticket.
But Republicans should be thinking about how to trump the Democrats in the second slot, too.
This space would support the candidacy of Ken Blackwell for vice-president on the GOP ticket.
Blackwell is the former secretary of state of Ohio, who lost in his bid for governor thanks to disgust over corruption by some of his GOP colleagues. Blackwell doesn't have that personal baggage.
And he's raising his national image by writing a weekly column at The columns are quality. This guy knows his stuff.
Blackwell is also black.
Face it -- the Democrats are NOT going to nominate Barracks Osama. It's either going to be Hilliary or Algore, who would stroll into a deadlocked convention and "offer his services". Either one will need a center-left type in the No. 2 slot, which leaves the far-left Osama out in the cold.
Same old, same old vs. something radically new?
I haven't decided who I'd support for prez yet, but they could do a lot worse (and, unfortunately, probably will) than Ken Blackwell.
Go Ken!