Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Moonbat Tour 2005 (updated)

Well, things aren't going quite swimmingly (ooh, bad term) for The Moonbat Tour 2005.
It seems there are some egos clashing as more and more Certifiable Moonbats try to climb on the Jane Fonda-George Galloway bandwagon.
Start with Cindy Sheehan. America's favorite protesting mom is demanding equal billing with Fonda, the occasionally talented actress and proven traitor, and Galloway, the English parliamentarian who never met a barbarian he didn't worship.
Then there's Sean Penn, whose school of flood rescue opened to devastating reviews, even from his own personal photographer (oh, the joys of stardom). He's insisting on running his training course as part of the tour.
Bobby Kennedy Jr. can't be forgotten here, either. But the others are trying to make him be the opening act for the extravaganza because he's demanding that the electricity at every stop be generated by wind farms off Nantucket.
Randall Robinson is being eaten alive by the rest of the crowd trying to muscle into The Moonbat Tour. They're calling him an urban legend past his prime.
And John Kerry is insisting on being the master of ceremonies for the tour. He wants to reprise his line about "the heart and soul of America is up here on this stage."
More details later.

One thing I never heard

... and I wish I would have from someone with some heft...
Yo, you idiots down in N'Awlins runnin' around and lootin'. What the hell do you think you're doin'?
I'll tell you what you're doin'... you're feeding every damn bad stereotype about black folks that ever existed... and what's worse is you're doin' it to your own people.
I'm not gonna crack down on you for liftin' food and water. That's survival. That's a whole different ball game. It may not be right, but that's not a big crime in the big picture.
But you're out there, runnin' around, takin' designer clothes, takin' plasma TVs, takin' computers. What the hell are you thinkin'? You got no electricity for all them damn toys you got there. And you're doin' it for all the damn cameras in the world to see.
That's bad enough. What's worse is you shootin' on the helicopters that could be your way out of the mess. What the hell are you thinkin'? The only thing that could save your sorry butt is one of those helicopters. Why you wanna blow it out of the sky, dummy?
You're all actin' like crabs in a barrel when you do that. Crab starts climbing up, tryin' to get out, and all the others pull him back down. That's what you all are doing in N'Awlins.
You idiots are a damn disgrace to the black race. You're a damn disgrace to the human race.
I'll tell you what -- Dr. King wouldn't have stood for it for a second. He'd have told you that you're feeding the KKK with more ammunition for their tirades.
Cut the crap already.
If someone said this, he or she would have been spot on. If indeed someone did, I'm sorry I missed it. But I didn't hear it out of Rev. Jackson or Rev. Sharpton or anybody else with any standing.
We should have heard it.

Monday, September 05, 2005

The moonbat tour

From today's Washington Times comes this announcement of Moonbat Tour 2005:
LONDON -- Jane Fonda will join George Galloway, the most radical member of the British parliament, on a tour of the United States to accuse the Bush administration of spending money on Iraq that should be spent to help the poor of New Orleans.
The argument, likely to offend many Americans, follows British newspaper and television coverage of Hurricane Katrina that focused on the bungled handling of the aftermath of the storm.
Mr. Galloway, a passionate supporter of anti-Western causes in the Arab world, has been sneered at in Parliament as the "member for Baghdad" because of his regular trips there before the U.S.-led invasion. He also has been accused of receiving allocations to buy and sell 20 million barrels of Iraqi oil.
"The hate-America movement needs a boost," said Dr. B. Reel of the Institute for Deep Thoughts and Discount Duodenum Surgery in Wapwallopen, Pa. "Pairing Galloway, whose self-love is matched only by the loathing for everything that made him what he is today, with the legendary traitorous Fonda is a perfect match.
"All they need now is Cindy Sheehan to complete the Unholy Trinity of America-bashing."

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Katrina... a 2-minute analysis

What went wrong?
We're going to hear that question interminably in the wake of the devastation of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent flooding.
Here's one man's quick analysis of the situation.
The officials in Louisiana did do the right thing in calling long and loud for evacuations as early as they did. They were prepared for the second-worst-case scenario and reacted to that. Unfortunately, the worst case scenario -- a levee break and massive flooding -- hit.
For that, there was clearly insufficient preparation all the way around.
You cannot blame any government for people's refusal to evacuate, unless you think that officials in Louisiana should have ordered the National Guard in before Katrina hit and forcibly evacuated people.
In our system, local officials and state officials make the first call in any emergency situation. If you think that people in Washington... hundreds and hundreds of miles away... should have the primary responsibility, you're quite probably a statist sort.
Were preparations for the worst-case scenario inadequate? Most assuredly. For that, people at all levels of government must share responsibility... starting at the local and state levels, where there seemed to be a delayed reaction to almost everything that happened. That created a monster that could not be controlled, even with federal assistance. Example: Why wasn't the Louisiana National Guard activated until a full two days after the levee broke? That's the governor's job... not the president's... not the mayor's.
But I can tell you this -- the spiteful crap coming from the left is absolutely unforgivable. Some folks' vocal cords should be permanently disengaged, which would then parallel the inactivity of their brain cells.
More ranting later.

Nice idea, but...

I got this e-mail this afternoon (Sunday).
It has been calculated that if everyone in the U.S. did not purchase a drop of gasoline for one day and all at the same time, the oil companies would choke on their stockpiles.
At the same time it would hit the entire industr with a net loss of over 4.6 billion dollars, which affects the bottom lines of oil companies.
Therefore, September 10th has been formally declared "Stick It To Them Day" and the people of this nation should not buy a single drop of gasoline that day.
The only way this can be done is if you forward this e-mail to as many people as you can and as quickly as you can to get the word out.
Waiting on this administration to step in and control the prices is not going to happen. What happened to the reduction and control in prices that the Arab nations promised two weeks ago?

Remember one thing, not only is the price of gasoline going up but at the same times airlines are forced to raise their prices, trucking companies are forced to raise their prices which affects prices on everything that is shipped... things like food, clothing, building materials, medical supplies, etc. Who pays in the end? We do!
We can make a difference. If they don't get the message after one day, we will do it again and again.

The idea's a nice one, but there's only one flaw in the equation... will we all stop driving for that day and consuming our typical daily amount of gasoline? I think not. We're still going to drive, we're still going to have to buy gasoline, whether it's the day before or the day after the boycott. We'll still pay through the nose.
Still, I think it would be interesting. It would be a lot more interesting if people picketed gas stations in protest.