Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Moonbat Tour 2005 (updated)

Well, things aren't going quite swimmingly (ooh, bad term) for The Moonbat Tour 2005.
It seems there are some egos clashing as more and more Certifiable Moonbats try to climb on the Jane Fonda-George Galloway bandwagon.
Start with Cindy Sheehan. America's favorite protesting mom is demanding equal billing with Fonda, the occasionally talented actress and proven traitor, and Galloway, the English parliamentarian who never met a barbarian he didn't worship.
Then there's Sean Penn, whose school of flood rescue opened to devastating reviews, even from his own personal photographer (oh, the joys of stardom). He's insisting on running his training course as part of the tour.
Bobby Kennedy Jr. can't be forgotten here, either. But the others are trying to make him be the opening act for the extravaganza because he's demanding that the electricity at every stop be generated by wind farms off Nantucket.
Randall Robinson is being eaten alive by the rest of the crowd trying to muscle into The Moonbat Tour. They're calling him an urban legend past his prime.
And John Kerry is insisting on being the master of ceremonies for the tour. He wants to reprise his line about "the heart and soul of America is up here on this stage."
More details later.