Monday, September 05, 2005

The moonbat tour

From today's Washington Times comes this announcement of Moonbat Tour 2005:
LONDON -- Jane Fonda will join George Galloway, the most radical member of the British parliament, on a tour of the United States to accuse the Bush administration of spending money on Iraq that should be spent to help the poor of New Orleans.
The argument, likely to offend many Americans, follows British newspaper and television coverage of Hurricane Katrina that focused on the bungled handling of the aftermath of the storm.
Mr. Galloway, a passionate supporter of anti-Western causes in the Arab world, has been sneered at in Parliament as the "member for Baghdad" because of his regular trips there before the U.S.-led invasion. He also has been accused of receiving allocations to buy and sell 20 million barrels of Iraqi oil.
"The hate-America movement needs a boost," said Dr. B. Reel of the Institute for Deep Thoughts and Discount Duodenum Surgery in Wapwallopen, Pa. "Pairing Galloway, whose self-love is matched only by the loathing for everything that made him what he is today, with the legendary traitorous Fonda is a perfect match.
"All they need now is Cindy Sheehan to complete the Unholy Trinity of America-bashing."