Wednesday, December 14, 2005


The Gunn Nutt got me.
I've been tagged to provide for you five weird/annoying/psychotic habits, etc.
So, here you go.
1. I forgot.
2. I tend to bounce my leg a lot. A lot. It goes back to my days in radio (several lifetimes ago, in fact). It drives my wife nuts. But for my co-workers, it's a signal to back off -- the brain's in high gear.
3. I hate making the bed in the morning, so I usually don't.
4. I hate folding socks coming out of the dryer. (Unfortunately, so does everybody else in the household, so I'm stuck with it.) My revenge... I make them collect their own socks and put them away.
5. I drink straight from 2-litre bottles of peach iced tea or Mountain Dew. No glasses for me (less to wash).
Just about everybody I know has been tagged, so I'm gonna let it ride.
I would, however, if I could, tag the anonymous troll who's been demonstrating a bad case of keyboard diarrhea.