Sunday, December 11, 2005

Bush wins Heisman, Dean cries foul

NEW YORK -- Southern California running back Reggie Bush won the voting for the Heisman Trophy, emblematic of the top player in U.S. college football Saturday night.
Immediately, How-weird Dean, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, challenged the balloting.
"I demand a recount," Dean shrieked. "There's no way Bush could have won. The vote was rigged."
Bush received overwhelming support from all areas of the country in the balloting by sportswriters, college football officials and previous Heisman winners, including Southern Cal teammate Matt Leinart, who won the award last year.
"The whole thing is a setup," Dean insisted. "Isn't it funny that since Bush got to Southern Cal, they've won two national championships and are on their way to a third? There's no way a team can be that good three years in a row without some hanky-panky. And the name Bush certainly is connected with lots of hanky-panky, including the theft of two elections. The vote HAD to be rigged.
"Frankly, I think Southern Cal should be forced to withdraw from the Bowl Series Championship title game. There's no way they should be allowed to win."
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