Saturday, December 10, 2005

Paul Martin Jr.: Bad for U.S.-Canada relations

The prime minister of Canada really wants to get things done with the U.S.
Paul Martin often accuses the U.S. administration of being flat wrong - about many things - these days.
He appears practically eager to antagonize the White House and position himself as a bulwark against a president largely reviled by Canadians for his go-it-alone stance on Kyoto, the International Criminal Court, and especially the war in Iraq.
Weeks of Bush-bashing on softwood lumber and climate change have so irritated the White House that it apparently called in Canada's ambassador this week.
"It appears that oftentimes, some officials, in order to build Canada up, attempt to tear the United States down," said the U.S. ambasador to Ottawa, David Wilkins.
But Martin was unapologetic.
"The foreign policy of this country - the overall policy of this country - is set by the prime minister. And I'll continue to do that," Martin said.

Well, Paul, don't think we're not paying attention.
That takeover of the tunnel in Detroit that your government is so against? Too bad...
All that trash you send to Michigan? Keep it. You won't be able to dump it here soon.
Softwood dispute? What softwood dispute? You keep dumping and denying that you're subsidizing the business. Fuggedaboudit.
Kyoto? Clean up your own act first.
That passport plan the State Department's working on? Full speed ahead, as long as you run the government.
And if a terrorist strikes, don't worry. We won't be in any hurry to help.
Americans remember who their friends are. Paul Martin Jr., you are no friend of America.