Monday, December 12, 2005

Let's send this guy a ton of popcorn

Methinks it's time to give Scott (Alberta Can Blow Me) Reid a taste of his own words...
In reference to the Conservative Party's child allowance proposal, Reid said:
Don’t give people 25 bucks (a week) to blow on beer and popcorn.
How about sending Mr Reid some popcorn? Already popped, of course. And by the time it arrives, it will -- of course -- be quite stale.
I guess you send it care of the PMO, Ottawa.
What about the other thing?
I wouldn't give him a beer if his life depended on it. Nor should you.

Update: There is a site now hosting a petition for Reid's boss, Paul Martin Jr, demanding answers for Mr Reid's rant. Go to Kids, Not Beer now and sign.