Tuesday, December 13, 2005

U.S. media asleep at the wheel... again

Congress might want to talk to Maurice Strong, the High Priest of the Church of the Kyoto Protocol and noted America-hater.
How did your scribe learn about this?
Bill Strong and ABFreedom. Two Canadians.
Only one peep in U.S. media, from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, which described Maurice Strong thusly:
A lifelong socialist, Strong was and is a first-rate influence-peddler who never missed an opportunity to enrich himself.
From Canada Free Press comes this observation:
Strong is rarely heard from since allegations of his ties to the oil-for-food scandal became public. Martin, who took time out [of] the Canadian election campaign, did what Maurice Strong does best: criticize the United States of America.
The criticism Martin leveled against the U.S. coincided with the day the draft report of the House International Relations subcommittee became public.

Why doesn't the MSM want to examine Oil-For-Food?