Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Meet the Atheist Messiah

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the self-proclaimed Atheist Messiah! By name, Darwin Bedford. His Web site proclaims his unholy name...
When asked if he is concerned about people not appreciating him for taking away their god, he responded: "Not at all, in fact people will eventually thank me for ridding them of a nightmare of a ghost in their lives. When I succeed, unimaginable global jubilation will come to pass and people will gladly send me money; invite me for dinner; compose and perform on my behalf; and women will howl my name during intense orgasm."
Either this guy is one hell of a satirist or the fruitcake/moonbat/nutcase of the decade. As a supporter of Canada's national Socialist party, the NDP, I suspect the latter.
As Joel put it, I guess that tolerant liberal-left fundamentalist won’t be celebrating our great Canadian way of life and traditions this Christmas season!
Further proof, friends, of the theory of devolution.

Hat tips to Darcey and Joel (aka Dust My Broom and Proud to Be Canadian).

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