Friday, September 16, 2005

The theory of devolution: Proven

There's a great debate going on now over the creation. The forces who support teaching evolutionary theory only are on their high horses over efforts to introduce the theory of intelligent design into America's classrooms.
I think, after all is said and done, that I would support the evolutionists -- as long as they included in their curriculum the theory of devolution.
It makes sense that if something can evolve, it then can devolve -- revert toward its original state. A 1970s band made the concept of Devolution the very basis of its existence (remember Devo?).
You won't find more concrete proof of the theory of Devolution than in contemporary North American liberalism.
Take Teddy Kennedy (please! please! please!).
Once the senior senator from Massachusetts was smart enough to make a run for President. Unfortunately, he did so against a sitting Democratic co-partisan in President Peanut, Jimmy Carter... which may have helped the success of the Reagan Revolution (for which, I suppose, we should thank T.K.). Now, he can only read (rather poorly at that) prepared talking points questions. Clearly, he has devolved. For more proof, visit the Museum of Left Wing Lunacy with the sound on.
Next is Paul Martin.
Once, this Canadian was seen by many, even political opponents, as a strong decisive figure who helped get his country out of red ink. Now, he is Mr. Dithers, a man who can't decide anything and just believes in giving the biggest whiners what they want. He truly appears to be clueless in many, many regards. Clearly, another case of devolution.
On to Maureen Dowd.
This columnist for the New York Times was once seen as a person of high intellect and great wit. Of late, she has been reduced to a whining, arrogant child. (Of course, she and her fellow NYT columnists -- such as Paul Krugman, who gives the profession of economists a bad name, and Thomas Friedman, who hasn't met a Bush-bash he didn't buy -- are now going behind a firewall. May they be locked there forever, never to escape.) More devolution.
You can find countless examples of devolution in the comments section at any left-wing blog or in comments left by trolls on any common-sense blog. I consider myself fortunate; I don't seem to collect trolls, nor do I want to. You can never win an intellectual argument with these folks because they don't seem to bring any real intellect to the discussion. They do bring their "I wants" to the table. Oh, do they ever.
"I want gas under $3 (a gallon)."
"I want cheap rents."
"I want free abortions."
"I want blah blah blah this."
"I want blah blah blah that."
And they love to put their caps lock key on AND SCREAM IN YOUR FACE JUST LIKE A 3-YEAR-OLD WOULD DO!
If I had a few grand to speculate in the stock market, or to try to start a business of my own, I would definitely go into the field of adult diapers.
The devolution of the Left indicates a bull market in this product sector is on the way.

Shoutouts go to The Exile from Hillary's Village (a Minnesotan by residence) and to Debris Trail and Junker (who are surviving in the People's Republic of Saskatchewan), whose research into the field of devolution was invaluable, although neither specifically used the name "devolution."

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