Thursday, September 15, 2005

Carnival time: The Carnival of Comedy XX

The Carnival is here! (UPDATE: And the links should now be fixed, too! The computer was hungry on the overnight. Apologies to all.)

This is Carnival of Comedy XX (20 for the Roman numeral-impaired). If Roman numerals are good enough for the Super Bore, they're good enough for me. And, besides, the stuff you will see here is far better than just about any Super Bore you can name (especially if you are, as I am, an Eagles fan).
But getting guest presenters for our extravaganza has proven to be a difficult chore.
In keeping with the XX-rated theme, we tried to get Linda Lovelace and Marilyn Chambers to be the presenters for our show this week, but Linda came down with a sore throat and Marilyn couldn't get the Green Door open because of a flood of Ivory Snow.
Pete Rozelle, unfortunately, is deceased, so he couldn't help either. Terrell Owens was too busy not talking to anybody to join us.
At least Drew Carey, Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie sent their regards. Glenn Reynolds, typically, ignored our requests.
But we weren't going to settle for anybody. Cindy Sheehan's agent called and asked if we would provide a script, a month's supply of strong Vidalia onions and 45 cameramen. We, of course, operate here on a low budget without government subsidies, so we declined the offer.
So, the decision was made by a unanimous vote of 1-0 that yours truly, either orr, would double as producer and presenter.
And now, for the first time on record anywhere on the planet, the Carnival of Comedy XX is under way... (Please hold your applause until the first real laugh, which should take about, oh, maybe five or six seconds...)

The Vince Lombardi Division (he's still the best):

Tommy at Striving For Average presents The Sean Penn Rescue Mission.

Steve at Steve the Pirate presents Fake News Item of the Week: Moore Joins Al Qaeda (and goes on a Mickey D-free diet, too!)


Two Dogs at Mean Ol' Meany presents Romance - The Two Dogs Way Ongoing Saga Part II.

Buckley F. Williams at The Nose on Your Face presents Bush Family Disasters Throughout History.

Mr. Right at The Right Place presents New Orleans Rhapsody.

Remulak MoxArgon at The MoxArgon Group presents Episode #6: Signs, Symbols, and Stupidity...

Fitch at Radioactive Liberty presents Hanoi's Heroes.

GunnNutt at The Gunn Nutt presents The Beverly Kennedys - "Judgment Day" (The dog ate his blog, he says).

The Chuck Noll Division (long live the Steel Curtain):

Vox Poplar Is right About Everything & Don't You Forget It! presents a twin bill for your dancing and perusing pleasure: The Sean Penn Nobody Knows AND TAKE THE VOX POPLAR MOONBAT QUIZ!

Kid Various at Grok the Idiom presents The “Man” Seeks Extinction of “Hippies of the Jungle”, Hippies

Ricky at In Search of What's Next presents Liberal politics are like a lighthouse.

Big Picture Guy at Big Picture, Small Office presents The Mind Boggles.

dr. dna at teh voodoo lounge presents Fisking while on drugs.

Ironman at Political Calculations presents Statistics Anyone

The Evil Emperor Mindstation at Point Five presents Disney: New Orleans Square Completely Destroyed.

Dr. E. Scientist, phD. at Where's the Kaboom? presents Forgit Those who Trespass Against Us.

alsocanadian at IAM(also)CANADIAN presents No Sharia Law : The REAL Reason...

Pluto's Dad at Eyes On The Ball News presents Coffee Beans Lend Flavor, Caffeine to Flood Waters.

Ferdinand T. Cat at Conservative Cat presents The Roberts Hearing Highlights.

Mark Swanson at runalong presents Is This What We've Come To?.

a4g at Point Five Blog presents the Croissant of Embrace.

Laurence Simon at This Blog is Full of Crap presents Sixty Days.

The Bill Walsh Division (still pretty doggone good):

Don Surber at Don Surber presents Paging Lionel Hutz .

Xran the Fleshrender at The Moxargon Group presents And Now A Word From Our Sponsor.

Ricky at In Search of What's Next presents A blues musician how-to.

Xran the Fleshrender at The MoxArgon Group presents And Now a Word From Our Sponsor...

The Plumber at Mental Masturbator presents The Plumber Gets an Exclusive Interview With President Bush.

Bittersippy at Sippy's Thoughts presents Them Crazy Movin' Pictures.

Nuke at Mondo Blog presents The (Mis)Adventures of Craig in the Middle East.

Richard at Welcome to the Cannuckistan Chronicles presents Some Humor. (another Canadian tilt, eh?).

Hatcher at Ideas Hatched presents Mathematical Proof of the Absolute Moral Authority of Saddam.

Elisson at Blog d'Elisson presents More Than You Needed to Know (a touch scatological, eh?).

Kathy Hutchins at Gathering Goat Eggs (what an interesting concept) presents If I Were John Roberts.

mensa barbie at Mensa Barbie Welcomes You presents Sightings All Around.

Wyatt Earp at Support Your Local Gunslinger presents A Policeman's Prayer (warning: not suited for Notre Dame fans).


If it was good enough for Bobby Brown, it's good enough for me. I therefore humbly present Everybody Expects the Schumer Inquisition.


Don't forget to visit the Godfathers of the Carnival of Comedy, IMAO, featuring the best damn podcast, period.


The Carnival remains on the road for the next few weeks:

22 September: Basil's Blog
29 September: Steve the Pirate
36 September (er, 6 October) Don Surber

And send your regards to the Flying Space Monkey. His better half is having surgery.