Thursday, September 15, 2005

Damn you, Spiderman!

Spiderman's Web (aka Les) just tagged my soul. Grrrrrrrrrr.

Here's the game...

1. Seven Things I Hate Doing or That Scare Me
cleaning my bathroom
doing the trimming after cutting the grass
waking up before 9 a.m. (when you work nights, you're like that)
political correctness

2. Seven Things I Like
My Wife
My Kids

3. Seven Important Things in My Room
Air Conditioner
Easy Access to the Bathroom

4. Seven Random Facts About Me
I was once a radio disc jockey
I don't remember much else about those days
I have lived my entire adult life in one state (no, wiseacre, not the state of Confusion)
I was older when I married the Better Half than my dad was when he married mom (which fact won me a case of beer)
My wife has never seen me without a mustache
I once worked on a coal truck
I make a nasty Cajun hamburger

5. Seven Things I Plan on Doing Before I Die
See my kids finish college (I've got 8 years for that to come to pass - I think I've got a chance)
Win the Powerball (right!)
Spend as much time as possible on the Outer Banks of N.C.
Finish my book, "They told me go to Hell, so I did"
Participate in a Flyers Stanley Cup parade
Make the perfect batch of Buffalo wings
Laugh in a leftard's face

6. Seven Things I Can Do or Have Done.
Cover a Miss America Pageant
Drive long distances
Build a shed/clubhouse for my son
Design two decks
Visit the Hockey Hall of Fame
Finish this quiz

7. Seven Things I Cannot or Will Not Do
Another one of these bloody quizzes!
Run for office
Eat broccoli
Drink wine
Be a liberal
Vote for Teddy "Beached Whale" Kennedy
Applaud Cindy Sheehan

8. Seven Things I Say the Most
"Fut the whuck."
"C'mon dude, finish the grass."
"Where's the damn screwdriver?"
"Hey, hon, gas is ____ at _______."
"Is your bag packed for practice (game/meet)?"
"Gimme your laundry. Now."

9. Seven Celebs On Whom I Have A Crush (this is just bloody ammo for the wife, agreed, but I'm going to amend it to include past crushes)
Meg Ryan
Ali McGraw
Mary Ann
Farrah Fawcett-Fawcett
Rita Coolidge
Phyllis George

10. And Finally, Seven Souls I Have Ruined by Tagging Them (*evil lol* - sweet random revenge!)
Surprise! I'm not tagging anyone. However, I will invite all of you to post your views in your comment to this post.