Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Running ragged

Kids can keep ya busy, huh?
For example:
Friday afternoon -- travel to Garnet Valley H.S. (about 30 miles from the house) to see the daughter's first high school swim meet and get drafted into helping to time the meet. The young lady did well for a first high school meet, but the season could be tough. Put it this way -- of the 80 team points, Grade 12s (seniors) scored 7 points, all in diving. And Grade 9s (freshmen) scored 22.5 points (including 6.5 by the young lass). For the future, that's cool, but it could be a tough year on the won-loss record. Then, off to work.
Saturday -- travel to the local indoor soccer facility for a 1 p.m. game for the young lad (after we went out and cut down our Christmas tree -- more on that in a future post). He played pretty well (at least he was satisfied) and his team won 7-3. Then it was back to the house (a 20-minute drive), pick up the young lass, drop the young lad off at a friend's house and hustle the young lass over to Lionville (25 minutes away) for a YMCA swim meet. From there, off to work as the better half arrived.
Sunday -- drop the young lass off at swim practice, then off to work. The young lad had a CYO basketball game later, which the better half had to handle.
Monday -- an unusual day off (because I worked Sunday, which I usually don't). But the young lass had to be picked up at school after choir rehearsal and shuttled off to swim practice at 4:30. Then, it was feed the young lad (the better half was running errands -- I suspect Christmas shopping) and haul him down to his recital. He's been playing bass guitar for about 3 1/2 years now and he's gotten pretty good. The better half then picked up the young lass, met us at the recital. Then it was home to set up the Christmas tree.
Today -- just finished getting the lights on the Christmas tree. No cussin' this time (yet). Only one set didn't work and I was able to fix it! After this, it's into the shower, and off to set up for the young lass's first home swim meet (it's at the YMCA where we belong and those of us who are parents set up the pool, etc.).
They do keep us runnin', don't they?