Friday, December 02, 2005

May I rant a minute?

Sometimes there ain't no justice.
Captain Ed, the spiritual father of a lot of blogs both north and south of the border, went on about the lack of coverage in the U.S. of A. about the downfall of the Paul Martin Jr. government. In his report, he observes that:
When the estimable blogger-journalist Austin Bay comments that Martin has become the “Nixon of the North”, American media consumers may realize that they have missed a major story thanks to the apathetic nature of the response from domestic news agencies to the scandal.
The date of Mr. Bay's parallel? 28 November 2005.
Let's go back to 3 June 2005, when some unknown blogger named either orr drew this parallel:
The Martin Jr. government is morally and ethically bankrupt.
It makes the Nixon administration of the 1970s look like a cadre of Mother Teresa clones.
Later, on 16 November 2005, this same unknown blogger cast these words into cyberspace:
Paul Martin Jr. reminds me a great deal of Richard M. Nixon, the discredited U.S. president -- and the only one to resign: Two insecure men, both with an almost pathological need to hold their nation's highest office, willing to do whatever it takes to maintain that office once achieved.
Both instances predate Mr. Bay's analysis.
Can I be hissed off?

/rant off