Friday, June 03, 2005

One word... (UPDATED)

SHOUTOUT: I wrote this before I paid my regular visit to Ed at Maple Leaf Blog. Our views are based on the same theme. Pay him a visit.
If there has been one thread in all of the material I've read about Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin Jr. in the past several months, it is one word.
Webster's has this to say about the word micromanage... manage or control very closely, as by making decisions about even the smallest details, often so as to be regarded as acting inefficiently or counterproductively.
Now that says a lot, doesn't it?
It certainly fits with the kind of actions that earned Mr. Martin Jr. the nickname "Mr. Dithers."
It also certainly fits in with the idea that Mr. Martin Jr. knew and knows a LOT more about the various and sundry scandals that are dogging his Librano government.
Look at the patterns here for a moment, if you will.
Two years ago, several key members of the Martin Jr. government either weren't in the Parliament or weren't in the Librano Party.
Tony Valeri? A Liberal, but put up against Martin foe Sheila Copps.
Uddal Dosangh? A failed New Democrat premier in British Columbia.
Scott Brison? A PC who didn't get a top slot when the PC and Reform parties merged to form the Conservative Party of Canada.
The Honorable B.S.? Not even in politics two years ago, but preparing to run for the new Conservative Party leadership post.
Valeri is the Librano leader in the House; Dosangh, Brison and B.S. hold major portfolios.
None owes loyalty to the Librano Party so much as they owe loyalty to Paul Martin Jr.
No doubt there are many others who owe their loyalty first to Martin Jr., then to the Librano Party.
But you notice the pattern -- there are rewards for joining Team Martin Jr., rewards that exceed those who have been loyal to the party for much longer than the interlopers.
That pattern adds credibility to the allegations that Dosangh and Martin Jr.'s own chief of staff discussed -- in a circular way, of course -- trading non-votes for favours with two Parliament members from B.C.
You all know about THE TAPES right now.
And, yes, there are some questions about editing.
But is anyone specifically saying that the key parts of the recordings -- the ones implicating the Martin Jr. ally and key aide -- have been edited in a way as to discredit the "gentlemen"?
Not to my knowledge.
They can't rebut the specifics. They can dance, they can prance, they can dodge, they can weave -- but they can't rebut the specifics.
I've been around politicians enough to know "the code." The transcripts are pretty clear -- the code was out there, and the Martin Jr. allies weren't even trying to hide the fact that they were speaking code-speak.
Micromanaging would indicate that Mr. Martin Jr. knew every last thing that was going on with the Grewal situation. It's a pattern well-established with the "recruitment" of Mr. Brison and The Honorable B.S. and the unsuccessful attempt to recruit Mr. Mark of Manitoba.
What is the pattern? Buy off your opponents.
If a dumb Americano can figure this out, why can't so many Canadians?
The Martin Jr. government is morally and ethically bankrupt.
It makes the Nixon administration of the 1970s look like a cadre of Mother Teresa clones.
Draw your own conclusions.

UPDATE: 4 June, 7:00 PM. Ed at Maple Leaf Blog has nailed it again. I'll defer to him.