Wednesday, November 30, 2005

English first: Isn't it about time?

I received this e-mail yesterday and figured I ought to share it with you:
Congressman Peter King (R-NY), now Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, has reintroduced his National Language Act (H.R. 4408) in the 109th Congress.
Congressman King's bill is a strong, self-executing official English bill in its own right. Look at Section 163:
`Sec. 163. Preserving and enhancing the role of the official language`The Government of the United States shall preserve and enhance the role of English as the official language of the United States of America. Unless specifically stated in applicable law, no person has a right, entitlement, or claim to have the Government of the United States or any of its officials or representatives act, communicate, perform or provide services, or provide materials in any language other than English. If exceptions are made, that does not create a legal entitlement to additional services in that language or any language other than English. If any forms are issued by the Federal government in a language other than English (or such forms are completed in a language other than English), the English language version of the form is the sole authority for all legal purposes.
Congressman King's bill, if passed, would also eliminate the bilingual ballot mandates contained in the Voting Rights Act. Citizenship ceremonies will be conducted solely in English.
You can see why English First strongly endorses H.R. 4408.

English was good enough for our forefathers who came here from Italy, Germany, Poland, Cuba, the Czech Republic, Russia, Sweden, Belgium, Holland, etc., etc., etc.
It's still good enough now.