Friday, November 25, 2005

Your daily oddsmaker

Since the non-confidence motion is now on the table, there's a lot of action also on the table.
Here, from the spirit of Jimmy the Geek, are the propositions and the odds thereupon:
* That Paul Martin will prorogue Parliament: Even money
* That the Liberals will hotly pursue cutting deals with MPs: 1-5
* That there will be at least one commentary in the Canadian MSM decrying the death of this Parliament: 2-1
* That at least one person will declare Stephen Harper "scary": 3-1
* That Belinda Stronach will try to switch back to the Conservatives, since she knows she's now backing a loser: 6-1
* That Paul Martin will be campaigning somewhere on Christmas Day: 7-1
* That the Liberals will NOT give away another $20 billion or so before Monday's scheduled vote: 20 billion to 1
See your local wagering facilitator for details.