Tuesday, November 22, 2005

When the Democrats and the terrorists want the same thing, something's wrong

The new equation in U.S. politics is a simple one. If the U.S. loses, the Democrats win.
At this point, Democrats -- especially after Friday's snarkily brilliant move by the House GOP -- cannot win if the U.S. claims victory in Iraq.
"They're playing politics with the war," said Democrat House staffer L. Rubysh. "We're the only ones allowed to do that!"
"It's not fair," declared another staffer, I.M.A. Stooge. "They stole from our playbook. I demand a special prosecutor."
Dr. B. Reel, head of the either orr cracked research team and director of the Institute of Deep Thoughts and Discount Duodenum Surgery in Wapwallopen and Mocanaqua, Pa., was put on the case. Here's what the good Doctor discovered...
"The Democrats and the terrorists want the same thing," he declared. "They both want us out of Iraq now.
"The terrorists want the freedom to run wild, because the Iraqis -- while they are much more prepared than they were a year ago -- aren't quite ready yet. They still have to have their elections and they still need more time to get their troops up to full speed.
"The Democrats want us out now because if we complete the mission and withdraw because the Iraqis are ready, they lose. Most of them -- oddly, Hillary Clinton appears to be the only major exception -- have thrown their hats on the side of the defeatists and basically joined forces with the terrorists' aims."
Doesn't that mean that the Democrats have placed their own interests over that of the country?
"You said it. You understand it."
After that, the good doctor launched into a stream of obscenities not welcomed on this blog, aimed at the defeatist Democrats.

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