Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A dad takes pause...

Most of you may have, by now, heard about the 18-year-old in Pennsylvania who allegedly shot and killed his girlfriend's parents and took off with the girl on Sunday. (The local coverage of the case can be found here.)
The girl is 14 years old.
Our daughter is 14 years old.
I don't quite know how to put this, but something like this -- as bad as it is -- just makes you appreciate when you've got a good kid... and we do. You want to hug her a little tighter (at least, as tight as a 14-year-old will allow).
I keep thinking back to a column by the late Chicago journalistic giant, Mike Royko, written shortly after his first wife died. I don't recall the exact words, but the message was clear: When you love someone, say it to that person. Say it now. Always, always say it now.
That's damn good advice.