Saturday, November 12, 2005

The government in the whorehouse business???

There's an elected official who would not be opposed to having his burg operate a bordello.
Vancouver should open a not-for-profit brothel to help drug-addicted prostitutes, Committee of Progressive Electors Coun. Tim Louis said Wednesday.
Speaking to The Vancouver Sun's editorial board as part of a civic election tour, Louis said he's in favour of retiring Mayor Larry Campbell's idea of considering a red light district to help protect "survival" sex trade workers.
When asked if he thought the city should open its own brothel, Louis said yes, as long as the city doesn't make any money at it.
"Many people involved in survival sex are drug addicted, and it is a crime that we don't have treatment on demand, so there would be many benefits of a brothel run on a break-even basis," he said.
"Generally speaking, so long as it is, number one, break even, number two, medical services are available, and number three, drug treatment is available on demand, then yes, I support it," he said.
He said the sex trade in the Downtown Eastside is based around the drug trade, and the city needs to offer protection and health services to prostitutes.

Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. Hmmmm.
Seems to me we talked about Downtown Eastside a few months ago...
VANCOUVER (CP) - The ripe stench of human excrement is getting stronger in downtown lanes, curling the stomachs of workers who no longer want to relax by the back door for smoke breaks.
"We're getting to the point where the need for public toilets is getting serious," said Charles Gauthier, executive director of the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association.
"There's a burgeoning entertainment district, a growing homelessness problem and people have nowhere to go.
"I've been with the association for 15 years and it's just becoming more and more of an issue for more of our members. The stench of urine and feces in back lanes in the central business district and the Downtown Eastside, where it's probably a lot worse."

What a great city, eh?
But what about this brothel idea?
We took it to Jack A. John, a self-described "connoisseur of courtesans," for his reaction.
"Well, either, I don't think it's gonna fly, especially in that neighbourhood," he said. "First off, it's the government. It's gonna be overpriced and of inferior quality. When I wish to sample a lady of the evening's wares, I have certain standards that must be met. It's highly unlikely that anything run by the government will come close to those standards.
"Then, you've got the neighbourhood to consider. There's nothing more depressing to the libido than the stench of human excrement lying about in the streets. And this is where the councillor wants to put this brothel?
"You've got to be jesting."
Hat tip to Darcey for discovering this lunacy and sharing it with the world.