Thursday, November 10, 2005

The delusional tale of Mary Mapes

Mary Mapes, the CBS News producer who created "fake but accurate" and lost her job in the ensuing Rathergate scandal, is out hyping her book telling the tale.
She's totally delusional.
At this CBS News blog site, her story gets the incredulous treatment it deserves.
But you have to dig the quotes from the unconscious Ms. Mapes... It's totally surrealistic.
To ABC News interviewer Brian Ross: “I don't think I committed bad journalism. I really don't.” Ross asked Mapes if the standard ought not to have been for her to prove their authenticity, to which she responded, “I don’t think that’s the standard.” (The CBS blogger's take: If that’s not a basic standard of journalism and professionalism, I don’t know what is).
To Anthony Violante of the Buffalo News: "If you're going to have a human sacrifice, you have to have a woman to throw into the volcano and hope the gods are satisfied. You can't have a witch hunt without the witch. But it's a bitch to be the witch."
To Ed Bark of the Dallas Morning News: “I know there are some people out there waiting in the dark beside their computers, people who are going to zing off things about how wrong and stupid and ugly I am, how I'm a fool and a liberal tool. I fully expect that."
[Note to Mary: I don't give a damn what you look like. I do, however, give a damn about the lack of journalistic integrity you exhibit.]
We'll close this with the review by American Journalism Review's Rem Rieder...
"It's everyone else's fault.
That, essentially, is the position of Mary Mapes, the producer behind CBS' deeply flawed report on President Bush's National Guard service.
In a new book called "Truth and Duty" and in a flurry of interviews, Mapes kicks a lot of sand, as Patrick Fitzgerald might say, at everyone from CBS pooh-bah Les Moonves to noted architect Karl Rove to the blogosphere.
What she doesn't do is accept any responsibility at all for putting on air a report based on questionable documents furnished by a source with an ax to grind, papers that three of CBS' own document experts warned were problematic.
The independent report on the ill-fated program by former Attorney General Dick Thornburgh and ex-Associated Press chief Lou Boccardi was a withering look at a piece of shoddy journalism.
But it's clear Mapes hasn't learned anything from the debacle.
All she wants to do is attack."
Scary Mary, anyone?