Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Hillary, Murtha and Iraq

Queen of the Universe in waiting Hillary Rodham Clinton came out the other day against Rep. John Murtha's cut-and-run call in Iraq.
"I think that would cause more problems for us in America."
"It will matter to us if Iraq totally collapses into civil war, if it becomes a failed state the way Afghanistan was, where terrorists are free to basically set up camp and launch attacks against us," she said.

This puts her at odds with the leftoids who are now running the Democratic Party.
Of course, it's safe for her to do so, since she is, after all, Queen Hillary I.
Besides the obvious feint to the right, to distance herself in the public eye from the leftoids, there may very well be another reason for her to do that.
It seems that back in 1993, in the first year of her husband's presidency, Slick Willie got some advice about taking U.S. troops out of another situation.
Who gave her husband that advice?
Why, it was none other than Rep. John Murtha, D-Cut-and-Run.
Captain Ed points out that his track record hardly makes him a "hawk", as the media describes him, but an isolationist that has never believed in a forward strategy against terror or anything else.
By media reputation, Murtha is a "hawkish Democrat."
Could it be that he's really a "chicken hawk"?
Anyway, returning to Queen Hillary I (and I wish we didn't have to), Dick Morris was on Hannity on Tuesday [again], and the conversation [as always] turned to Her Majesty.
The discussion quickly moved to Somalia.
Morris said the Queen was "livid" over the fact that the Slickster took D-Cut-and-Run's advice and took U.S. troops out of Somalia.
We all know what that did.
In a 1998 interview with ABC's John Miller, Osama bin Laden said that America's withdrawal from Somalia had emboldened his burgeoning al Qaida force and encouraged him to plan new attacks.
"Our people realize[d] more than before that the American soldier is a paper tiger that run[s] in defeat after a few blows," the terror chief recalled. "America forgot all about the hoopla and media propaganda and left dragging their corpses and their shameful defeat."

Maybe we should thank Rep. John Murtha, D-Cut-and-Run, for emboldening the Islamofascists and helping to facilitate 9-11, eh?