Thursday, December 15, 2005

It pains me to say this, but...

Jack... Layton... was... right.
Yes, the head of Canada's national Socialist party, the NDP, was right, as CP reports:
VANCOUVER (CP) - Canada's reputation on the world stage has been damaged by Prime Minister Paul Martin's "shameless posturing," says New Democrat Leader Jack Layton.
Martin has nothing to show for all his bluster about softwood duties, said Layton...
"It may sound firm, but I think what's appreciated in international relations is a firm and clear position. I have to say we haven't been getting it from our current government."
Layton also accused Martin of electioneering by calling on the U.S. to join the Kyoto accord on climate change when the Americans have actually done a better job of reducing greenhouse gases than Canada.
"He thinks he can stand up and wag his finger at George Bush and somehow impress somebody," Layton said. "It's time he started delivering results. That would allow Canadians to be able to speak to the world."
Martin has also taken a verbal spanking from U.S. ambassador David Wilkins for criticizing the country that's supposed to be Canada's greatest friend and trading partner.
"Canadians have known that the Liberals will say anything in an election to get elected," Layton sniffed. "I think now the ambassador has discovered the same thing."
When he's right, he's right... that can't be denied.
He sniffed.
Great line.