Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Michael Schiavo = lowlife

I had been willing to cut Michael Schiavo a break.
Not a big one, mind, but somewhat of a break.
No more.
USA Yesterday showed a picture of the headstone Michael put on Terri's grave in today's print version. (You can find it online at Neal's Liberty Canada site. It's not showing on USA Yesterday's web site any more.)
That inscription is absolutely revolting. It leads me to believe that Michael Schiavo is just a petty, vindictive (fill in the blank).
And the last line? "I kept my promise"?
Hey, Michael, you have a kid with another woman, a kid you fathered after Terri became comatose. Are you trying to rationalize the fact that you didn't keep your promise that until death -- the real death, the 2005 final death -- you do not part and you remain faithful to each other?