Friday, June 17, 2005

Return for regrooving 2

As the days go by, it is apparent that our crack research team is going to be kept extremely busy in finding candidates for regrooving.
So, without further ado, here is Return for Regrooving, Part 2:
Dick Durbin. The Illinois senator compared Gitmo to Auschwitz. He is delusional. Regroove him forthwith.
Gloria Galloway. Unnamed sources have turned this Chained and Nailed to the Libranos in as being exceptionally ungroovy. Please regroove immediately.
Pierre Pettigrew. He's not worried about Chinese spying (per Small Dead Animals. Get this guy regrooved fast.
Jan van der Straaten.. The police superintendent of Aruba is doing a bang-up job of keeping tourists away with his blundering investigation into the disappearance of that Alabama teen. Charlie from Aruba, regroove this guy, ok?
Howard "Dizzy and Daffy" Dean. Do I have to say any more? He's already said it all... and expect him to say more. Regroove immediately!
Kofi Annan. You *knew* he was involved up to his eyeballs in Oil-For-Food. Please regroove, but only after a long prison term.
Judge George GreerThe Terri Schiavo case judge. Again, say no more, just regroove.
Until next time...