Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Inside Libranoland, 1900 hours, 10 May 2005

The vote is in. There is no confidence in the Libranos to continue stealing, er, running the Canadian government.
Well, sort of.
But there is no joy in Libranoland, either. Panic might be the more appropriate description of the mood in the Family.
"What are we gonna do?" screeched Screechin' Annie. "No way that rat Kilgour's gonna stay with us and I'll betcha next month's pay that Cadman comes back to vote when it goes for real."
"It ain't gonna go for real, Annie," Paulie da boss said.
"Whaddaya mean it ain't gonna go, Paulie? You know as well as I do that it's gonna happen, and it's gonna happen soon," warned consigliere Joe.
"It ain't gonna go, Joe," Paulie declared, more definitively this time. "We ain't lettin' go of this. It's our best earner."
"How we gonna do that?" Moneybags Ralph asked.
"Easy, see, it's like this," Paulie began to explain. "Yo, Tough Tony over there, he's gonna go out and he's gonna make 'em an offer of three days when they can make their move on us."
"Already did," Tough Tony said.
"Good man, Tony. But now, before any of Tony's days come up on the calendar, I'm gonna bust the whole thing up and shut it down so they can't move at all."
"That's that pro-rogue thing, huh, boss?" asked Scott the Slimer.
"Yeah, that's it, right there," Paulie said. "They can't touch us then. We still get our earnings and keep everything under control."
The attendees opened their Guinnesses.