Monday, May 02, 2005

Memo to Stephen Harper

Dear Mr. Harper,
At some point in the not-too-distant future, you're going to be facing an election. Your party needs to win it to give your nation a chance at a future.
From south of the 49th parallel comes this viewpoint -- you need to have as a major talking point the elimination of the hated GST.
The GST plays perfectly into several key weaknesses in the Liberal Organized Crime Family that can bolster the CPC cause.
Point 1: Didn't Mr. Chretien, some 12 years ago, while campaigning for election, promise to get rid of the GST? Has it happened? Wow, another Liberal promise broken. No doubt it would be easy to develop a litany of broken promises that the government has made to the people of Canada.
Point 2: With all of the money that the GST provided to the government in Ottawa, did it go to worthwhile purposes? HRDC? Adscam? The gun registry? Waste, waste, waste, waste, waste. The Liberals have wasted billions of tax dollars... at best. At worst, they stole 'em. Again, it would be prudent to attack the incumbent prime minister -- who built his reputation on fiscal responsibility -- for being the fox in charge of the henhouse.
Point 3: The GST is intellectually indefensible. It is a regressive tax, one that hits hardest at those least equipped to pay. Translation: the less fortunate Canadians pay a larger percentage of their incomes in GST than those who are making enough to be able to save a few loonies. Can the incumbent prime minister or his slave in the NDP defend the tax that hurts the very people they supposedly live to help? Hammer the unprintables on that one.
Of course, it would be very helpful to remind Canadians that there were major cuts in federal support for health care under the direction of -- the current prime minister, the one who asserts that only he can save the system, after he placed it in grave danger.
Gee, that sounds like his current campaign stump speech. "Only I can save the country."
If his health care saving efforts are any indication, start carving the tombstone.
This is just one man's opinion, Mr. Harper. But it makes sense to me, and, for Canada's sake, I hope it makes sense to millions more.
--boborr4 at