Thursday, April 28, 2005

A real nuclear option

There's been a lot of talk lately about the Democrats' brazen plot to deny President Bush the opportunity to appoint federal appeals court judges. Most of it, if you follow the Dinosaur Mainstream Media (journalisti approachato extincti), is talking about how 200 years of history and tradition in the Senate are being demolished by those demon Republicans.
Au contraire, mon frere. It is the Democrats who are trashing tradition by their infantile behavior.
There has been talk of a constitutional option (dubbed by the DMSM as the "nuclear option"), in which Republicans could force up-and-down votes through procedural maneuvering.
That, friends, just isn't necessary.
The Republicans have a golden opportunity to expose the obstructionists for what they really are. All it will take is a little bit of coordination with the White House and some smarts.
As the majority party, the Republicans can control the Senate's agenda. The GOP's option is this:
Get a number of bills into committee, especially the kinds of bills that will impact states where Democrat senators sit. Then, get them through committee and ready for floor discussion.
However... before those bills get to the floor, start bringing up the nominees, one at a time. Force the Dems into filibustering... call their bluff already. Then, as they start, get the word out that by filibustering, the Dems are (1) denying action on duly nominated judges; (2) preventing the Senate from acting on legislation that those "blue" states want to see passed. As the filibuster drags on, keep pounding the point home that the Democrats are obstructing the Senate's business.
While the Democrats are reduced to reading from the Washington, D.C., phone book, Republicans will be able to go to the public and point out the obstructionism. C-SPAN cameras will no doubt gather and record for posterity Josephine A. Smith's phone number on E Street (and then be sued for invasion of privacy!), further adding to the ludicrousness of the Demostand.
Then, once you get cloture and get in the vote, repeat the process.
But if I could think of it, why hasn't the GOP?