Friday, May 06, 2005

What colour will the revolution be?

What could be one of the most unusual revolutions in recorded history is about to begin.
If the Liberal Organized Crime Family (aka the Libranos) ignores years of convention and tries to continue to govern after losing a no-confidence vote, there WILL be a revolution in Canada.
In much the same way that the Orange Revolution brought democracy to the Ukraine, continuing protests can do the same for our northern neighbours.
But it's going to be difficult to generate the revolutionary protests.
Here's why:
1. The people who have the most motivation to spark the revolution also generally have the least amount of time to devote to mass demonstrations. They tend to be working and raising families, while the reliable cordon of protesters available for all left-wing causes tend to be students, paid rabblerousers or unemployed types who are much more free to convene for instant gratification.
2. Conservatives tend not to take it to the streets, largely because of (1) above.
However, it's time to get this ball rolling.
If I ever hit the Powerball or Mega Millions (our big bucks Lottos in the US), I'd be willing to come up and join a protest... wherever (I'd love to see Calgary and Vancouver sometime) in support of the good people I've met in the blogosphere.
Still, if the cranially-challenged Tony Valeri stands by his word and has the LOCF/Libranos ignore a no-confidence motion, methinks the good people of Canada will have had their fill.
The hardest part -- picking a colour for the revolution. You don't want red, even though it's in the flag, because red is the colour of the LOCF/Libranos. Orange is taken by the Ukraine, and the lighter blue is a sign of Quebec, which might not be the best course of action thanks to the long-standing separatist movement there.
So, how about a green leaf, one that has not fallen from the tree of freedom?
The Green Leaf Revolution.
Sounds good.
Free Canada!