Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Dear Ambassador McKenna,

Canada's ambassador to the United States, Mr. Frank McKenna, is making a tour of various cities that aren't Washington, D.C. (aka the cesspool by the Potomac) in an effort to introduce Canada to us uncultured Americans.
As told by the Globe and Mail...

Wednesday, May 11, 2005 Page A14
NEW YORK -- Ottawa's man in Washington, Ambassador Frank McKenna, brought his unique brand of high-energy hucksterism to Times Square yesterday, seeking to allay U.S. fears that Canada is a capricious, and therefore dangerous, neighbour.
Just two months into his job, Mr. McKenna has embarked on a very public effort to reassure Americans that Canada has taken responsible steps to combat terrorism and secure its own borders from unsavoury would-be immigrants.
Following stops in Philadelphia and Colorado Springs in the previous few weeks, the ambassador arrived in the country's business and media centre to deliver a luncheon address to a business audience, meet with the editorial boards of The New York Times and Business Week magazine, and make an appearance on Fox News, the conservative cable network whose pundits often bash Canada's liberal record.
Employing a delivery that was at time folksy and at times urgent, he also sought to debunk common misconceptions that, he said, remain stubbornly at large in the broader U.S. community.

What are those misconceptions, I wonder...
Border security? Well, maybe we wonder some, but that's not high on the list.
That the Canadian government doesn't particularly like the U.S.?
That's no bloody misconception. That's the fact, Jack.
I don't recall anyone ever apologizing for calling Americans "bastards," Ms. Parrish.
I don't recall anyone ever apologizing for a staffer in Ottawa calling our president an idiot. (Note: We Americans reserve the right to call our president an idiot. But outsiders best not mess.)
Oh, and there's one more thing, Mr. McKenna, one that really sticks in my craw.
The fingerprints of the "Power" behind the Liberal throne are all over the Oil-For-Food investigation, as has been reported in numerous locations, or go back to my earlier post about it.
And it has also been reported that the madman Saddam Insane himself invested a cool million in a company founded and controlled on behalf of... your prime minster, Mr. Martin.
Bottom line -- your government sold us out for Oil-For-Food money.
And you don't think we should be hissed off?
Sorry, Mr. McKenna.
When you apologize for that, then I'll start listening.