Friday, May 20, 2005

Welcome to the Future

We have seen the future of global government, and it is here... just as Paul Martin promised almost three years ago.
Thanks to "Martin's Mafia"'s post on Andrew Coyne's blog, we have been given some insight into some of the nature of what post-modern rule will be like.
[From the Globe & Mail, Sep. 3, 2002: ]
"We Canadians are the wave of where the world is going -- not where it has been," said Martin. "That means we do have a responsibility to take the world to a new level of governance.
"There is one country that has the capacity to understand the direction the world must go and that is Canada. We are slowly but surely setting the steps for that to happen."
As the world's "first post-modern country," Canada is ideally suited to lead the debate, Martin said.
Now, nearly three years after the fact, we have even greater insight into just what a "post-modern country" is, Paul Martin-style.
* It is indisputably corrupt to its bones. Rob has reams of information on just how entrenched the corruption is. It makes promises to its citizens that it has absolutely no intentions of keeping. It stabs its neighbours in the back for the profit of its corporate sponsors. It is duplicitous, dishonest and disingenuous.
* It is exceedingly amoral. Religious leaders who speak out against a government proposal are formally harassed by the government (see Bishop Henry in Calgary). Its religious mantras are "abortion for all" and "same-sex marriage." It spits on the victims of crime and coddles the criminal element.
* Its only justification is maintenance of its own power. It has no agenda, no ideas, no vision... only an obsession with lording it over the rest of us with a "moral superiority" of such vacuousness that it makes Paris Hilton or Belinda Stronach look like Rhodes Scholars. It will scheme endlessly, bribe endlessly, and smear endlessly in order to maintain its grasp on the levers of power. (If it did not, many of its leaders would certainly be facing lengthy stays in the penal institution of the people's choice.)
* The institution that is supposed to be the watchdog -- a free press -- is a lapdog in the post-modern nation's kennel. (With that, I am insulting dogs everywhere. My apologies to the canine world. You should not have to bear comparison with such swine. [It's getting deeper. My apologies to the pig family.])
Upon further review, you don't need to go back to Mr. Martin's speech at the University of Toronto to capture the true nature of the post-modern country, Martin style.
Just read a nice, disquieting book written by an avowed socialist... "1984."