Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Contagious disease alert

This in from the Centers for Disease Control...
It appears that a particularly virulent strain of virus has attacked significant segments of the Canadian population.
"It's pretty nasty," said Dr. B. Reel, advisor to the CDC and the director of the Institute of Deep Thoughts in Mocanaqua, Pa. "It really causes some very serious brain malfunctions."
Dr. Reel explained that the virus attaches itself to certain individuals, though he said it does not seem to cover the entire population in a given area.
"It affects rational thought processes and particularly cripples the area of the brain where right and wrong are determined," Dr. Reel added. "Most people who have been afflicted with this virus find themselves unable to distinguish between right and wrong, or in some cases confuse the two."
The virus appears to be particularly strong in certain areas,the doctor reported.
"Toronto's got it bad. Real bad," he said. "And Ottawa's not much better off. I fully expect that if this virus is not controlled, its victims will become dithering idiots."
Are there any areas that seem to be less immune?
"Quebec's pretty healthy and so is Alberta," Dr. Reel advised. "There are spotty areas throughout Canada, but by far Toronto and Ottawa are in the worst shape."
Finally, Dr. Reel, has the CDC come up with a name for this ailment?
"Yes. The official name for the affliction caused by this virus is Librano-itis."
Is there a possible cure?
"We're hoping," said Dr. Reel, "that Drs. Harper and Duceppe have in their hands the solution. But only time will tell.
"You see, there is a delusional factor here, too. Librano-itis victims don't think they're sick."