Friday, May 13, 2005


Andrew Scheer, M.P., came up with the delicious analogy of the Liberals hunting down Adscammers and O.J. Simpson hunting down Nicole's killer...
Though Mr. Scheer didn't say, I suspect he somehow was privy to this recording, made at the waiting area at a famous Florida golf course...

O.J. SIMPSON: That you, Jean? What up?
JEAN: Oh, you know, still have to find those thieves from Adscam. Here, have some golf balls with the official Canada logo.
O.J.: Thanks, Jean. I still haven't found the guy what killed Nicole, either.
JEAN: You think maybe there at the same course, just like we are?
O.J.: Gotta be, Jean, gotta be.
CADDIES (SCOTT BRISON, AL COWLINGS): Are you guys gonna play or what?