Sunday, June 04, 2006

Congratulations, Canada...

...for foiling a terrorist plot to do some serious damage in the Greater Toronto Area with the arrest of 17 people on the weekend. They had enough materiels stockpiled to do some very, very, very serious damage -- three times the amount of stuff Timothy McVeigh used to blow up the federal building in Oklahoma City.
But the most grating quote coming out of the stories on the arrests came from Toronto's far-far-far-left mayor, David Miller. From the CP dispatch:
Toronto Mayor David Miller said he hoped the investigation would provide more information on why young people might get involved in terrorist activities.
"We need to know that so we can try some strategies to try to prevent that from happening again."

Dear Mr. Mayor, you don't get it, do you? Those who are going to engage in terrorist activities are going to do so, no matter what grandiose schemes you might come up with (at taxpayers' expense, of course). And the reason terror cells spring up is because the Islamoterrorists hate the very freedoms that you are supposed to defend. Ask one of them what they think about, say, gay marriages. If they don't spit in your face, you'd be fortunate.
The only way you're going to stop terror is to defeat the terrorists.
You in Canada have now won a major victory. But you can't rest on your laurels, because the damned terrorists won't rest.