Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Super Bore countdown

Well, we're down to four teams in the running for Super Bore XL (the extra-large boring version), complete with a halftime show by the geriatric Rolling Stones.
I have a history of not paying a lot of attention to the Super Bore (hey, I didn't even see Janet Jackson's famous flash).
What would make me pay attention this time around?
Only one thing: the Pittsburgh Steelers in it.
Why the Steelers?
1. I'm a Pennsylvanian. The Steelers are in Pennsylvania.
2. Bill Cowher is the most enjoyable coach to watch during a game. His emotions are never hidden.
3. Jerome Bettis is a class guy and a class player (Thank God his fumble didn't cost 'em against the Colts).
4. Carolina is coached by a Bill Parcells disciple. That should disqualify them forthwith, even though one of their special teams stars is the guy who got some fame from the late, unlamented XFL for putting "HE HATE ME" as his name on the back of his jersey.
5. Denver has won a couple of Super Bowls in the past decade. Sorry.
6. Seattle foisted grunge, Microsoft and Starbucks on us. Three strikes and they're out. (Besides, Mike Holmgren has a Super Bowl ring from his days coaching in Green Bay.)
So, go Steelers!
Otherwise, I'll be spending Super Bore Sunday XL watching a movie someplace.