Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The final countdown...

There's less than a week to go now before Canadians elect a new Parliament.
By all accounts, the reigning Liberal Party is in deep trouble.
Where is the January surprise?
Were the new oft-mocked and discredited "we're not making this up" ads supposed to be the hatchet that cut down the Conservatives?
Or will that phrase go down in political history next to "I voted for it before I voted against it" in the list of ill-spoken words by losers?
See me this time next week. Only then will we know for sure.

All I can do from this vantage point is hope. You Canadians know what you have to do.
Heard from the mouth of Milwaukee talk show host Mark Felling, who was filling in for Rush Limbaugh today... [as best I can recall it...]
"If the Canadians elect a Conservative prime minister in Stephen Harper and the U.S. elects Hillary president... Hillary will socialize medicine in the U.S., Harper will fix the system in Canada and we'll be going north for health care, instead of the other way around."
Whaddaya thimk?