Monday, January 09, 2006

Getting around to the tag

Hello again.
The start of 2006 has been far more hectic than I would have imagined, hence an absence of new posts.
I will officially bang in the new year now, having been tagged by no less than three worthies from across Canada: from the Great Pumpkin in the Maritimes to the good Doctor in central Canada (the Doc and I may not agree on much, but he is a gentleman) and Aizlynne out West.
Five annoying habits (actually, part deux, since this meme bounced around some of my U.S. associates first):
1. Working-around-the-house clothes tend to pile up on the floor by my side of the bed for a couple of days.
2. No poultry meal is complete without some kind of hot sauce.
3. I don't always hide my dentures (yeah, I've got 'em) in the vanity when I take 'em out at night.
4. What'd you say, eh?
5. I still forget.
Next post in mid-week. The sad duty of taking down Christmas decoration must be completed by Wednesday.
I hate doing that.