Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Quick hits

* Tucker Carlson is a jerk. But don't buy Media Matters for America's thinking, either... that's a cousin of Moveon.
* Prediction: If Paul Martin Jr is re-elected, the fence plans kick into high gear. And co-operation goes down.
* I'm not real comfortable with this sex-selection stuff. It may be legal, but so's abortion and I'm not real comfortable with that, either.
* Wednesday will be a very important day in determining just how committed Canada is to the war on terror. If this Khadr gets bail, then we'll know.
Posting has been light, as some of you have noted. I passed another milestone on Sunday... yeah, another birthday. Don't ask which one. The only hint I'll offer -- Sammy Hagar couldn't drive it.
Posting will continue to be light through the holiday season.